Safe Haven Sponsorship Scheme

Every year RSPCA Preston Animal Centre cares for hundreds of animals that have been abused, neglected or abdandoned. We need your help to continue to look after and rehabilitate these animals before we can find them loving new homes. 

What is safe haven?

You can sponsor a dog kennel or a cat pod to help provide a safe environment for abused, abandoned or mistreated animals. With Safe Haven you won't be helping just one animal, you'll be sponsoring the lives of all who pass through our animal centre every year. 

What will my sponsorship go towards?

Your sponsorship will go towards the animals' care, rehabilitation and medical treatment. While they are in our care we give them a safe haven - we make sure they feel loved and secure by caring for their physical needs as well as providing them with regular enrichment, exercise and company.

Our Safe Haven thank you - Rewards you receive :

  • Regular Newsletters

  • Unique  Safe Haven certificate

  • special invitations to open days and events

How do I sign up?

Please come down to the animal centre, during opening hours for a Safe Haven standing order form.


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