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American Bulldog




Skye is a 2 year old American Bulldog, who came to us very emaciated and from a bad background.

Skye has come on leaps and bounds since being in foster care, with one of our Animal Care Assistants.

She is back to a good weight and her personality has shone. She is cheeky and can be a bit stubborn at times.

She is good with handling and grooming, although some times she will think it is play and can get over excited and mouthy. 

Skye wasn't quite sure what to do with toys when she first saw them at the centre, she is gradually learning how to play and on occasion has fetched toys for us in the house. A type of control play will be important for her to learn take it/leave it although this will mean sometimes holding the toy one handed whilst showing the right hand signals. 

Understandably Skye is very keen around food and has a good nose for it! (Scent games are good fun for her). However this means any food on sides she will try and get. Potential owners should be advised a baby gate to the kitchen maybe beneficial to prevent her getting anything she shouldn't. 

She does well at impulse control games and we are varying it for her. This type of training will need to be continued in the home. 
She settles wonderfully on her own overnight and is fine with being left on her own. 
She is friendly around other dogs but is still learning what the polite rules are. 

Ideally Skye is looking for an adult only home, even though she is good around kids she can try and snatch food. She could possibly live with another compatible dog. But not live with cats.


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