George the collie cross dog



Collie cross

1 year

Black and White


**Special appeal** 


George is a very special 1 year old Collie x Spaniel who is looking for his forever home.


George is a young dog with a lot of energy. George has not been fortunate enough to have been given the start he deserved. When he first came to us, he was nervous of everything including human affection, walking around the centre and kennel life. George has come on leaps and bounds since his arrival and is now quite a confident dog. Although he is still unsure of travelling in a car, so work will be needed to slowly build up his confidence when travelling.


George is a sweet dog who enjoys playing with his toys on his own and with you. He has started showing many puppy-like behaviours as his confidence has grown. He does enjoy being groomed. George is picking up on training well and this will need to be continued in the home.


The owners will need to understand that toileting maybe an issue and it is advised that they use a behaviourist to provide the owners with support.


George is looking for experienced working breed owners, family with children aged 15+. Please note that George has got mild hip dysplasia and will require life long, ongoing treatment to help manage this.


George could live with a compatible dog as he is very friendly. 



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