Luna the collie cross dog



Collie Cross

18 Months

Black and White


**Special appeal**

Luna is a very special 1 year old collie x who is looking for her forever home.


Luna has not been fortunate enough to have been given the life she deserves and this has had a big impact on her lack of confidence. It is hard to believe Luna has come a long way already as there is still a lot that scares her and we are working on building her up by making every situation positive and going at a pace she is comfortable with, all of which will need to continue in the home.


Luna's personality is so sweet, caring and a little bit loopy. Every day she shows a little more of her personality and has recently started playing with toys both on her own or playing fetch with you. Poor Luna spends a lot of time clinging to her handler to seek reassurance so she is currently working hard on being independent, which she is doing great at and is becoming more and more independent each day.


Luna is petrified of vehicles even when they are stationary, so she will need a family that can walk her away from traffic/parked vehicles. This is just whilst they work on her positive association with them.


Luna will need a home where she will be given lots of support and reassurance to continue her growth, as she is still nervous of a lot of 'normal' things in life.


Luna is looking for experienced working breed owners, an adult only home, an active household and a home that have the time to toilet train her as this will be one of the biggest issues when she makes the move into a home.


Luna could live with a compatible dog as she is very friendly, however she does have a tendency to herd so she would probably be better suited to live a calmer dog.

This assessment is ongoing and aspects may change at any time.


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