Coco and Trudy the terrier dog

Coco and Trudy



8 years approx



Coco and Trudy are our 8yr old little ladies. They came into RSPCA care as they were living in a multi-dog household. They get a lot of confidence from one another so we are looking to rehome them together.

Trudy and Coco are very sweet girls who are nervous and unsure of new people. Both girls want to interact and engage with you but are conflicted at times and just very unsure of the world around them. They are now starting to come around and have a great bond with a specific staff member, becoming more comfortable to receive fuss.

They can find new surroundings stressful, but with lots of encouragement, they try new places. They were unsure and quite scared of their leads when they first arrived, and needed lots of encouragement to wear and walk with them. Once Coco and Trudy become comfortable with people, their bouncy and playful side shines through and they enjoy a fuss and some strokes. While undisturbed in their kennel they are usually at the front to say hi, albeit a bit stressed.

Trudy and Coco sleep in the same bed together, further proving their sisterly bond. They have not been tested with any other dogs as of yet due to their fearful nature. They don’t show much interest in toys, giving them a little sniff before walking away uninterested - this may change as they grow in confidence in a home environment. They don’t know many commands and as we all know it’s difficult to teach old dogs new tricks, but we can offer training tips on how to continue this in the home.

They are not overly enthusiastic about dry food, and often do not entertain kongs, preferring wet food. They do enjoy their high value treats such as hot dogs and cheese and these have been used as a confidence building method as well as to help them with basic training and commands. Coco and Trudy are long-haired terriers so grooming is very important. Unfortunately, they are quite fearful of the grooming brush but we’re working on it and hoping to have them groomed before adoption when they are more confident.

Coco is the more confident of the pair, and Trudy does follow her lead, the rely on each other and are much more confident around each other. They are looking to be rehomed together, and due to their nervousness, they would benefit most from a quiet, adult only home, where they would be the only pets. Any prospective owners should note that the girls will need several viewings, to help build a bond and feel comfortable around new humans before going to their forever home.

If you feel you would be suitable for Coco and Trudy, please email us at to request an application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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