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American Bulldog Cross




Tyson is such a sweet, loving and affectionate boy who loves nothing more than being in the company of the staff that work alongside him. When approached and spoken to he just gets so excited to be in your presence and engage with you, loving all the fuss and attention and it doesn’t matter if you are someone he already knows or a new friend.

When Tyson first arrived, we thought he was completely deaf, now we're sure he is just partially deaf or hard of hearing due to thickened ear flaps and canals from old injury.
He often barks intermittently with no particular stimulus that triggers him, so this is something we're trying to work on with him. He has responded well to training, and knows sit, down and paw. His attention span is ok for training, however this is when he likes to show off his voice, so it's important to keep things short and sweet to keep things positive.

Tyson explores every new area with his nose to help him find out more about where he is. He often checks in with his handler for some reassurance and a bit of attention.
There are no issues getting Tyson in and out of his kennel, and when undisturbed he is always found curled up in bed having a good snooze.
He loves engaging in food enrichment. He has taken well to his kongs and these help to keep him entertained when in his kennel. He has shown disinterest in his kibble on occasion but for the most part, will finish his food.

Through his short time at the centre, he has already been on eye treatments and needed a cone on due to his injured paw. With all this in mind he has just taken it all in his stride and has been incredibly tolerant.

Tyson came to us from a house of multiple dogs, and from the condition he was in on arrival at our centre, it was obvious he was being picked on by those housemates. His previous owner mentioned he doesn't like black medium/large dogs due to negative past experiences and while he hasn’t met any of these with us yet, he has been tested with another dog here at the centre and it went very well, although this was an on-lead experience.

Tyson could be rehomed with children of secondary school age. He could be rehomed with a compatible dog. However, with his history it may be in his best interest to be the only animal in the home, as he now deserves the peace and quiet after a life of being picked on.

If you think you can offer Tyson a suitable home, please email us at info@rspca-preston.org.uk to request a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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