Max the akita x tornjak dog



Akita x Tornjak

7 months

Black and White


Max is our 7-month-old American Akita cross. He is a loving boy, and very playful in nature.

He loves being stroked and is ok with being held or restrained for his health checks. Max is generally relaxed in new surroundings if he is with familiar people. He can be a little unsure at first, but he will soon settle.

Max likes his food and he takes treats gently and politely form your hand. He can occasionally mouth on your hand, as he is still a puppy, but he is ever so gentle and this can be managed with ongoing training. He knows his basic commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘down’ and ‘leave it’. New owners will need to continue training to build on this and develop his behaviours. Max does jump up when he is over excited so calm work should be added into his training to help him learn how to behave when he gets excited.

Max has a thick, fluffy coat and so grooming is an important aspect of his care. Luckily, he enjoys this and he loves to be cuddled. Sometimes he will even prefer attention and fuss over treats! Max is nervous when he meets new people so it is imperative that any introductions are done slowly and calmly, and after he has spent more time with a new person, he becomes more trusting and lets his bouncy and playful side show.

He enjoys playing with tennis balls mostly, he is not overly keen on rope toys but he can engage with them when he is in a giddy mood. His favourite thing to do are zoomies! Max enjoys spending his time running around off lead and this makes him a very happy boy. Max could live with children 16+ and could love with a compatible dog. He is not suitable to live with cats.

If you are interested in offering Max a home, please email us at for a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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