Yogi the british bulldog x dog



British Bulldog X

4 Years Approx

Tan and White


Yogi is our 4yr old boisterous bulldog, but he is also very sweet and affectionate.
Yogi loves exploring things with his nose and sniffs at every opportunity when on his walks. He is house trained and has a clean kennel overnight, and toilets well on his toilet trips.
We tried many different beds when Yogi first arrived, but he tended to lay next to them. We know from his history that he spent a lot of time outside so this made sense. He now sleeps on loads of sheets and blankets.
Yogi loves toys, especially soft toys like teddies. He would choose a soft toy over a tennis ball or rope chew toy. He does have a bad tendency to swallow the squeakers so we do not let him play with any toys with squeakers in.
He has been working really hard on his manners and patience and still has some work to do but he has responded well to us. He has also been working on his lead work and slowly progressing with his muzzle work. When in his kennel he is a vocal boy, but will now sit and be quiet to receive his biscuits. In moments of excitement he can jump up.
Yogi's attention span for training is short, it's important to keep sessions short and take what he gives you. He knows; sit, wait & paw. You do need to use a strong voice when doing training sessions with Yogi as he can become excitable otherwise.
Yogi has lived with other dogs in the past, and has had dog meets and dog walks alongside other dogs at our centre. He does well on these walks, and is typically polite, but on a few occasions he has been impatient in wanting to meet the dog at his pace. Although he has been doing well with these meets, we would advise that he is rehomed as the only pet in the house as it would be in his best interest to continue with his training.
Because of his size and his intermittent boisterousness we would advise a home with older children, 12+ While Yogi is not suitable to live with cats, we do feel that Yogi would benefit from being the only dog in the home.
If you think you are the perfect match for Yogi please email us at info@rspca-preston.org.uk for an application form.
This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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