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Staffordshire Bull Terrier




Skye is such a sweet-natured and affectionate girl who simply loves to be in people's company.
Most of the time she can be found snuggled in a big blanket having a good snooze or chewing on her nyla bone.
There are times she is unsettled and she can be very vocal. This is usually when she is aware that you're there or when you're getting her out of her kennel she can be very excitable. She is excited to be in your presence and eager to go and have some fun!
Skye likes to explore everything with her nose and this is how she explores new areas. Depending where she is, she takes some time to settle. She loves scent work, and food related enrichment. Things like this can help her settle in new environments. She loves her biscuits and eats her kongs in her own time.
When approached she will meet you with a very waggy bum, and the occasional bark. She is happy to be with people and sometimes shows this by jumping up.
When it comes to other dogs she is reactive and barks whilst focusing on them. Part of this is her impatience, she wants to meet a dog at her pace, rather than the pace ideal for both dogs for a polite meet situation. She does go for walks occasionally with another dog on site. When seeing other new dogs out on walks she reacts by barking.
Skye loves to learn new things and works well for her biscuits. She knows sit, paw, has fairly good recall and knows her name. She responds well to training, she's great at agility, and undergoing muzzle training due to her reactivity.
She likes playing with toys too, she enjoys soft toys and nyla bones and plays with these independently.
A busy household would be ideal for her as she likes a lot of activity to keep her entertained. She loves cuddles.
The ideal home for Skye would be one where she is the only pet and children of secondary school age.
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