Poppy the staffordshire bull terrier cross dog



Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

4 Years




Poppy is a very sweet-natured dog, who loves affection. She has recently had surgery, so she is slightly tender around her belly being handled due to her stitches. At the moment, she is just having short, calming walks whilst she recovers back to 100%, but once she is fully healed she will be able to be back to the bouncy staffy she usually is.

When exploring new areas, Poppy loves to have a good sniff and potter about. She loves food, and takes her treats very gently. Poppy loves all types of food enrichment, and this is extra necessary for her, especially during her healing period. This is to keep her mind busy, whilst she's not able to be quite as physically active as she's used to.

Poppy can be quite vocal in her kennel if she knows you're there, but once she's left alone she is happy to settle in her bed with a toy. Poppy has spent some time in a foster home, where she displayed behaviours similar to separation anxiety. Poppy will need to be shown it's okay to be left alone, by her new owners building up to this very slowly, at Poppy's own pace. It may be beneficial for there to be more than one person in the household.

Poppy loves attention and affection. She's more than happy to cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV with you. In the home, she loves to be with her owner and follows you about like a mini shadow.

Poppy is really dog social, and is happy to potter along side her doggy pals on walks. When first meeting dogs, she can pause and whine, as if she's desperate to meet them. But, if you take it nice and slowly with her, she can be very polite and have calm sniffs.

Poppy pulls slightly on lead, especially when she sees something she is interested in. She loves to play with toys, and bound around the field. Poppy does not like cats, and will be very vocal and lunge on lead when she sees them.

Poppy will be able to be rehomed to a family with children aged 8+. Given successful meets, Poppy will be able to be rehomed to a household with a dog-social dog.

If you are interested in adopting Poppy please request an application form by email info@rspca-preston.org.uk

The assessment is subject to change


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