Ruby the staffordshire bull terrier cross dog



Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

3 years



Ruby is our stunning 3yr old staffy lady. She is a lovely dog who is great once she gets to know people. She is nervous and can be reactive to new people so she needs to be introduced to them slowly and carefully. She is being muzzle trained and this should be continued in the home for situations where she may be uncomfortable, such as going to the vets.
Ruby likes her food but she isn't too interested in toys. She has basic training and likes to work for treats. She can pull on her lead but mostly walks nicely. She is not normally reactive to people and dogs on walks but is still nervous so future owners will need to work on these situations. Ruby has been socialised with dogs but is not comfortable with all dogs so socialisation should be taken slowly. For this reason, Ruby is looking for a home where she is the only pet. Ruby is not comfortable around children and needs to live in an adult-only home.
With Ruby the effort you put in with her training will come back to you tenfold in how loving she is once she has created that bond with you.
If you think you could provide the perfect forever home for Ruby and become her bestest friend please contact us on for a Perfect Match application form.


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