Rex the german shepherd dog



German Shepherd

18 Months

Tan and Black



Handsome Rex is searching for his forever home

Rex is looking for experienced owners due to the training that he will require in the home.

Rex is a lovely dog who is very energetic and likes to be on the go all the time. He responds really well to training and picking up new skills. He enjoys scent work in the fields and loves his tennis balls.

He will take a lot of time to settle into a new home and may try and push past doors. He can also be very jumpy. For this reason we think Rex will be suited to an adult only home. He has been known to be wary of strangers, especially men. We have been working on this in the centre and he is showing progress with having positive introductions to men, however it is something that new owners need to be aware of. He will need a patient and understanding owner who is willing to continue his training within the home and his new owners may find it beneficial to work with a behaviourist.

With the right owner Rex will be an incredible addition to the family. His willingness to learn and pick new skills will help build a wonderful bond.

Rex is looking for an adult only home, where he is the only pet. 

This assessment is ongoing and behaviours may change.

If you are interested in Rex please contact the branch.

** Applications must live within 1hour of the animal centre**


Want to adopt this animal?

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