Rio the staffordshire bull terrier dog



Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3 Years

Black and White


**Applicants must be within an hour of the centre**

Little Rio is looking for his forever home.

Rio is a fantastic lad with lots of potential with the right family. He is quite excitable and can lead to him being a little frustrated when doing things like putting his harness on and he will grab the lead but when asked to leave it he will do so straight away. He doesn't know much in the sense of training it would seem he only knows sit so basic training will need to be continued in the home. He is very willing to learn and he loves doing things with the staff here. Rio can get a little over excited when seeing other dogs and needs to learn to be calmer around them when out on walks. For this reason we think it will be best if Rio is the only dog in the home.

He has had a history of being particularly nervous of men, we have worked with him on this and he has had a few positive introductions to men at the centre and has shown progress with this but it is something that new owners will need to be aware of.

Rio is looking for an adult only home, where he is the only pet.

This assessment is ongoing and behaviours may change.
If you are interested in Rio please get in contact with the branch.


Want to adopt this animal?

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