Yogi the japanese akita dog



Japanese Akita

2 Years

Brown and Cream


Yogi is our very handsome 2 year old Akita.

Yogi is a nervous dog around new people and it can take him a while to trust someone new. When he first arrived at the centre it took us a few days before we gained his trust and were able to put a lead on him. Yogi has managed to form a good bond with a few of the staff members at the centre, although he can be a bit hesitant with other staff. Once Yogi trusts you he has a very loving and playful side which is wonderful to see.

Yogi is picking up his basic commands and enjoys learning, he will need his training to be continued in the home and especially working on keeping all his paws on the ground. He will also need continued training with lead work, as he can pull on lead. 

He isn't keen on having some of his feet touched, especially his back left and will move around to stop you from touching it. Yogi will need muzzle work, not only for his nervousness with new people but he wont tolerate being over handled or restrained for too long, which may be needed for vet checks.

Yogi loves playing with toys and that is definitely when you see his puppy side come out. 

This cheeky boy is looking for an adult only home with no other animals, with experiences owners who are willing to continue training so that Yogi feels more comfortable in new situations. Once you have gained Yogi's trust he really is such a wonderful companion. 

This assessment is ongoing and may change at at any point in the future.

Applicants must live within 1 hour of the animal centre


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