Barney the lurcher cross dog



Lurcher Cross

5 months

Black and White


Barney is a lovely friendly puppy who loves everyone he meets. Barney is typical puppy and is still learning what he is and isn't allowed to chew and play with.

Barney is very food orientated so he benefits from puzzle feeders, scatter feeding, and using his food as a reward during training. Barney is a very clever boy who is very responsive to training and eager to please. He is still very mouthy and needs to be gently guided to learn how to redirect his mouthing onto toys instead of our hands!

Barney enjoys playing with other dogs after careful introductions but he does food guard so he would be best suited as an only dog in the home.

Barney is very vocal when left alone even for a few minutes so he will need to be built up very gradually to being left for any length of time. Barney likes playing with toys, sleeping, cuddles and food.

Barney could grow to be a medium/large dog so new owners will have to bare this in mind. 

Barney is to be rehomed in an adult and pet only home.  

I need teaching that is ok to be alone

I'd prefer to be the only dog in a home

I'd prefer not to live with a cat


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