Honey the american akita dog



American Akita

5 Years

Cream and Black


** Available **
Honey is a gorgeous and excitable 5 year old Akita who is always on the go.
She is looking for an active family that are able to give her the physical and mental stimulation she needs. She is a very intelligent dog and training sessions must be fun and engaging to keep her focused
Honey is a very friendly girl who is excited to see you and we are working on keeping all 4 paws on the ground as she does jump up when she greets you.
She enjoys fuss and attention but like a lot of Akitas she is a bit aloof and very independent at times and will take a while to secure that firm bond with her new owners.
Honey is a very nosey dog and is always focusing on the world around her and likes watching the world go by.
Honey struggles with being left so would like a family who can be around most of the time and can build her up to being left for short periods.
This assessment is ongoing and may change as time goes by.
** Please note that due to lockdown restrictions we are not currently rehoming any of our dogs to homes with children under the age of 16 or to homes with existing animals. Any applications that have not understood this will not be considered**

** Applications must live within 1 hour of the animal centre **


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