Sammy the staffordshire bull terrier dog



Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Tan and white


Sammy is a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Sammy is a playful dog who loves nothing more than playing with tennis balls and receiving a bit of fuss!

Sammy is nervous of new people, especially men and is reactive to other dogs. The work we are doing at the centre with him will need to be continued in the home.

He has been in a foster home and this is what his fosterer had to say:

"Sammy is a loving dog who enjoys spending his day playing with his toys, taking naps and receiving lots of fuss. He can be left for short periods of time (up to 2 hours) without any issues. He can bark at noises and people walking outside of the house but once I had closed the curtains he calmed down.

This handsome dog does need time and positive training methods to help him settle within the home. But he really does make it worth it and he will make a great addition to the right home."

Sammy is unable to live with any other pets and will only be able to go to an adult only home.

Please note this assessment is ongoing and aspects may change

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