Chief the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair


Black and White


Say hello to Chief. Chief is our lovely Black and White Domestic Short Hair. At 4 years old, it’s safe to say that our Chief is a very handsome boy.
Chief is still a bit of a shy boy who is slowly coming out of his shell. Although he is still adjusting to cattery life, Chief loves nothing better than sitting on his chair outside watching the world go by and is more than happy to have you join him. Chief can be unsure with meeting new people. However, once he gets to know you, he really is a sweetheart. Chief will let you give him and ear and chin scratches, he will even bop his head into your hand for more if he feels comfortable.
When it comes to grooming and handling, Chief is still a bit of a work in progress. He will also tolerate being picked up for short periods. Hopefully, as he interacts with more people and grows in confidence, grooming /handling shouldn't be too overwhelming for him.
Although Chief is still a bit of a nervous boy, he is a curious fellow. Chief seems very interested in the world around him, it's just that he currently lacks the confidence to go out and explore. However, that's not to say he isn't growing in confidence, he is now happy to explore the cattery corridor.
When it comes to playing, Chief seems to like playing with toys, but only when he thinks no one is around. With regards to other cats, Chief is very curious about them. However, he seems to socialize better when they cats are calm and relaxed.
Overall, our lovely boy Chief, is a sensitive soul who just needs time, space and lots of love! Once he grows in confidence, the sky is the limit for him. Chief would really benefit from a quieter home, a home where he can have his boundaries respected and understood.
Chief would benefit from a home where he is shown patience and given time to settle. Given his shyness and his need for space where necessary, Chief is best in a home where children are 14+. Chief can be rehomed with another cat as long as they are calm and not too boisterous.
*This assessment is ongoing and subject to change*

I would prefer not to live with a dog

I could live with children secondary school age

I may be able to live with another cat

I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle


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