Rosie the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

9 Years Approx

Black and Brown


Rosie is our 9-year-old black/brown domestic shorthair.

Rosie is a sweet and loving lady; she is often found just relaxing in her bed during the day gazing out of her pod door. When she sees people that is when she thrives, she loves human interaction and will often follow you around so she is close to you. She loves affection and just wants to climb all over you.

Rosie is super friendly and loves nothing more than being around you. She loves meeting new people and becoming your friend. She doesn't seem to bother when you are handling her, she enjoys being stroked and is happy to be groomed. She even enjoys being picked up so she can nestle in to you whilst receiving fuss and attention.

Rosie isn’t very interactive with toys as she would much rather be with humans, although this may change as she settles into a new home environment. When she has seen other cats from inside her pod, she has shown no negative response, but when in close proximity to another cat in the cattery she is not happy.

Rosie can use her cat flap, and although her preference is to be inside, she does use both inside and outside areas of her pod. She is litter trained and uses her litter trays with no issues. Rosie will need to be rehomed as the only pet in the household but could be rehomed with children of secondary school age and older.

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This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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