Sandra the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

3 Years Approx

White and Black


Sandra is our 3-year-old white and black domestic shorthair.

Sandra is a very timid and nervous girl, and has spent most of her time since arrival hiding in a cat carrier or tower, or watching her environment from her hiding places. When you approach her and speak to her, she was initially scared and would occasionally hiss but after a moment she relaxes and is ok with you sitting near her and talking to her. She has come on a lot over the last weeks, and instead of spending all her time hiding in a cat carrier, she will now wait for you by her door and miaow for you to come and say hello. She very rarely hisses now, especially if you come along with a plentiful supply of treats.

Sandra is still nervous especially with loud noises or sudden movements and she will run away if you move too quickly. She will tolerate a few head strokes but she is not overly keen on being stroked or handled yet, although she is getting more confident with approaching people. Grooming is not something that we have fully attempted with Sandra yet as she is still timid and unsure of the brush, and this will need to be introduced slowly when she is more settled.

With new people, Sandra is initially fearful and she will hide away, but if you approach her slowly and talk to her calmly, she will relax and be ok with you being nearby. Taking things at her pace is the best way for her to feel comfortable with you and allow you to interact with her. She is becoming much more confident, especially around food times and will now venture into her inside pod area for her feeds.

Sandra can and will use her cat flap, spending most of her time in her outside area, and she is litter tray trained. She has met another cat at the centre and although the interaction was short but sweet, and they spent time sniffing each other, Sandra would still benefit from being the only pet in the home to allow her the space to settle and get used to her new environment. Due to her nervous nature, Sandra is looking for a quiet adult only home.

If you think you can offer Sandra a suitable home, please email us at to request a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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