Annie the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

8 years approx



Annie is our 8-year-old tortie domestic shorthair.

Annie is a very nervous girl, and when she first came into our care, spent most of her time hidden away in her inside pod area, preferring to stay in the comfort of her hidey bed instead of exploring her outside areas. She did come out to use her litter trays and to eat, and as it has been warm, we have propped open her cat flap to entice her out and she has since started venturing outside. She is still a little nervous of new environments, and will talk to you when you are near for reassurance.

When first approached or spoken to, Annie would hide away and hiss on occasion but if taken slowly she will settle, remaining alert and observing you and the environment. She is coming around and is happy to have a few head rubs now. She is not too comfortable with having her whole body stroked but did tolerate a short groom for her head as she was moulting. With new people, Annie is initially scared and will hide, so interaction must be taken slowly and calmly, at Annie’s pace. With time and patience, she will become more confident, she is still a little unsure of being approached but will allow you to give her some fuss. She has also shown she will tolerate being held or picked up as one of our staff had to do to help her find her right pod entrance!

She is OK with you touching and moving her belongings to clean but gently, as she can be spooked by sudden or loud noises and can hiss at you for moving things too fast. Annie spends most of her time inside but she can and will use her cat flap and she can use her litter tray. Annie has not been tested with other cats at the centre yet, and although she has previously lived with another cat, she would be best as the only pet in the home, so she can have the time and space she would need to settle. Due to her nervous nature, Annie is looking for a quiet adult only home.

If you think you can offer Annie a suitable home, please email us at to request a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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