AJ the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

6 Years Approx

Black and White


AJ is our 6-year-old, black and white domestic short hair.

AJ is a sweet, independent boy and he settled quickly into our cattery. He can be found having a nap in his bed or sat in his outside area watching the world go by enjoying the warmer weather. He is confident and chatty and will run to the door in the morning for his breakfast or jump out to have an explore of the cattery. As soon as he sees you, he will start meowing and stand up to get your attention.

AJ is not fully comfortable with people approaching him and prefers to be the one to make the first move for interaction. He only like short sessions of being fussed and does seem to prefer his own space. He will slowly come over to you and rub against you and other objects, and once he has had that initial contact, he loves being stroked and fussed until he has had enough and will take himself off to explore somewhere else. AJ really enjoys a groom and will sometimes even curl on your lap while you groom him.

AJ has little interest in toys but loves rolling around on bedding with cat nip! He does enjoy his interactions with people as long as it is taken at his pace, happy to follow you around or be near you while you go about your day, and then pottering off when he wants to be on his own.

He is fully litter trained and he can use the cat flap. AJ has come from a multi cat household and lived with several dogs. He seems to be fine with cats at a distance but becomes unhappy and hisses when approached, so he will prefer to live in a home without other cats now. He could potentially live with a calm cat savvy dog, although we feel he may benefit the most from being the only pet. He could live with children of secondary school age as he needs to have his own space and not be fussed all the time.

If you are interested in adopting AJ, please email us for an application form at info@rspca-preston.org.uk.

Please note this assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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