Sylvester the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

4 Years Approx

White and Black


Sylvester is our 4-year-old, white and black domestic shorthair.
Sylvester is a timid boy, who has spent most of his time hidden away in a hidey bed since arriving at the cattery, alert and observing his environment. He also likes to sit in his outside area, watching and listening to everything that is going on around him.
Sylvester can be nervous at first when spoken to, but will come out of his bed to say hi and is content for you to be near him. He has come on since being with us as he used to run into his inside area when you approached his outside and vice versa. Now, with the help of a few treats, he will come and investigate, have a sniff and enjoys a few head and chin strokes.
Sylvester was a little unsure of being stroked at first, he did tolerate it, he was just jumpy especially when you move your hand too fast. He now enjoys a short session of fuss, and although he has no issues with you touching his front end, he is very sensitive the further back you go, particularly his back legs and tail. Sylvester has quite a poor coat condition so he is now being groomed daily to help with this. He was very nervous of the brush at first but he now enjoys his daily groom. He does not seem to play with toys, although this may change as he grows in confidence.
Sylvester can use a cat flap and litter trays. He uses his outside area to toilet but mostly seems to prefer his inside area and his hidey beds. With time and patience, I am sure he will grow in confidence and become a loving affectionate boy. He would be best as the only pet in the home and could be rehomed with secondary school children or older due to his timid nature.
If you think you can offer Sylvester a suitable home, please email us at to request a Perfect Match application form.
This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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