Eve the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

2 Years



Eve is our 2 year old black domestic shorthair female.

Eve is a sweet girl who can be a little timid at first but once she is comfortable around you, her confident side starts to show. With new people she can be a bit uncertain at first, she will come and say hello but prefer to keep her distance. While she is an independent girl, once she knows you, she reacts positively when spoken to and will meow back to have a chat. When she is ready, Eve enjoys a fuss and being stroked and will rub her head against your legs, and she particularly enjoys a good chin scratch.

Eve has been great with being picked up and restrained for her health checks but she does try and get away if she spots something of interest in her surroundings. She was a bit unsure of the grooming brush, but with a bit of patience, she will get used to it and grooming shouldn’t be an issue. She really enjoys laying in her outside area in the sun but comes running straight inside when it is time for food.

Eve is a big explorer and she loves climbing! She loves tall cat towers so these will help her settle in to her new home. As she feels comfortable at a height, new owners may need to be mindful of her jumping on top of counter tops etc. Eve loves playing with her toys especially any kind of interactive toy that moves that she can chase and she has shown her playful cheeky side to the staff here when playing with the flirt pole.

Eve has previously lived with a 6 month old kitten but she did not enjoy their company and since being in our cattery, she has shown little interest in interacting with other cats so it is best that she is rehomed as the only cat in the home. She is fully litter trained and can use a cat flap.

If you think you can offer Eve a suitable home, please email us at info@rspca-preston.org.uk to request a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.


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