Leo the domestic longhair cat



Domestic Longhair

3 Years

Black and White


Leo is our very distinguished looking 3yr old chap.

Leo is quite a timid boy, and is not super confident around people but he is improving every day. When he first arrived in our cattery, he was very shy and would run and hide, but he now greets us in the mornings for his food. He is still quite shy but after a few minutes with him, he comes round quickly and will stay by your side for strokes, purring away. He can be very affectionate and once he is comfortable, loves having fuss. Leo will benefit from you taking the time to sit near him and talk to him, allowing him to come to you when he is ready.

Leo spends most of his time tucked in his bed or on his cat tower as new surroundings do make him a little nervous but once familiar, he becomes comfortable and loves spending his time outside having a snooze on his cat tower. He really enjoys being in his outside area and spends most of his day there. He will benefit from having lots of hidey spaces so he can go somewhere he feels safe if he gets startled by any loud noises or sudden movements.

Leo does not particularly enjoy being handled or picked up and will only tolerate it for a short time before wriggling away. Staff have been using towels, blankets and a plentiful supply of treats to make these situations less stressful for him. He adores being groomed which is a huge positive as he is long haired and so will need regular grooming to maintain his lovely coat.

Although Leo will need you to take things slowly at his pace, he is worth the time and effort as the staff have seen him come on so much, now he comes out to seek attention and fusses. He does not play with toys much, although he will engage in short sessions with a flirt toy, but this may change when he is in the home and comfortable in his environment. Leo is able to use a cat flap and his litter tray.

Leo would benefit from a home where he can be the only pet and as he is still a little timid, he is looking for a quiet, adult only home.

If you are interested in offering Leo a home, please email us at info@rspca-preston.org.uk for a Perfect Match application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.

I'd prefer an adult only household

I'd prefer to be the only cat in a home

I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle


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