Velma and Daphne the domestic short hair cat

Velma and Daphne


Domestic short hair




Velma and Daphne are our 4yr old girls. We sadly don't have any notes about their history but they were together at the animal hospital and have been sharing a pod together in our cattery and they are bonded and seem to enjoy each others company.

Both are very shy girls as you can see from their photo. Both were very nervous when they arrived in the cattery and spend most of their time hidden away or curled up in bed together. They are rather disinterested towards staff, and do not seem bothered when staff are there. They will tolerate being stroked and/or groomed but do not necessarily enjoy it. They do not like being restrained or picked up and escape through their cat flap if we try.

With new people, they will hide and shy away from them but we hope they will grow in confidence and come out of her shell given time and patience. They don't play with toys in their pod, more often found curled in bed together. They can and will use their cat flap and litter trays and will use both the inside and outside areas of their pod. They came in together and share a pod, they enjoy one anothers company and seem happiest together.

Due to their nervous nature we are looking for an adult only home with no other pets but it is nice that they have one another.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.

If you think you can provide the perfect home for these two ladies please email us at for a perfect match application form.

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