Bubbles the domestic short hair cat



Domestic Short Hair

6 Years Approx



Bubbles is quite happy to lie in her bed where she can be seen, she doesn't hide much and is a little less nervous than the other cat she lived with. 

The more time we spend with Bubbles the more trust she puts in us and is coming on so much every day. She will hiss at you when you approach her but if you offer your hand to sniff, she will sniff but then cautiously backs away. Once the dreamies were out she showed a lot more interest and progressed a lot faster. We just needed to put a treat on the floor then give her a quick calm stroke and build up from there. Within a few minutes she was fully out and rubbing against the staff member and bumping her hand for more treats and then she was happy to recieve proper strokes when she approaches the person.

Bubbles has lived with two other cats but none of them were bonded and all hiding in seperate areas. We have seen fast improvment from all three of them since they have been seperated and had their own space to build the foundations to feel safer. 

Bubbles will definately need a quieter home that will go at her pace, so that she can learn to trust and accept her potential family. 

Due to Bubbles history she would benefit from being the only pet with mature children of the age of 16+

If you are interested in Bubbles then please email info@rspca-preston.org.uk to request an application form.
This assessment is based on the cats behaviour and is subject to change.

I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle


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