Jake & Fifi the domestic short hair cat

Jake & Fifi


Domestic Short Hair

3 years & 1 year



Fifi and Jake are looking for a loving home together.

Fifi is a confident and affectionate girl; she will leap out of bed as soon as she sees you for some fuss or to strut her stuff. After a while of exploring around the cattery she soon settles down taking all the fuss she can get and purrs away in appreciation. 

Jake is a lovely gentle soul with an incredibly sweet nature. He is timid and will need a nice quiet home to grow in confidence and a nice comfy safe space to snuggle up with his best friend Fifi, she is the cat he lives with and is bonded with they spend most of their time spooning in bed.

They make a very nice pair with different personalities bringing a nice variety of sweet and cheeky to the home.

They are looking to be the only pets in the home and could live with children aged 14 and above.
Both of these cats will need access to the outdoors so are unable to live on a main road or near a railway.

This assessment is ongoing and behaviours may change.

I could live with children secondary school age

I need to be able to go outside and explore


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