Joey the lurcher cross dog



Lurcher Cross

11 Months

Tan and White


Joey is 11 months old and is a very friendly boy once he knows and trusts you, but initially can be nervous of new people and situations. He will require an experienced dog owner who will take the time needed to introduce Joey to new situations slowly and positively. Joey has a good level of basic obedience and loves to please you. He will need further training on his lead skills and impulse control, but responds well to positive training. 

He can be reactive to other dogs and will require further training from a distance he is comfortable with, he will need to be the only pet in the home. Joey may be able to live with sensible children of secondary school age, his ideal home would be with one person or a couple who are home most of the day who can help with further house training and provide the enrichment/training that Joey needs.

This assessment is ongoing and aspects may change as time goes by.

I know my basic command but would love to learn more

I'd prefer to be the only animal in a home

I need help learning to like other dogs

I'd love to lean agility or fly ball


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