Puss and Pansy the domestic semi long hair cat

Puss and Pansy


Domestic Semi Long Hair

Young Adult

Black and White


Pansy and Puss are two beautiful cats, who came into the Center after the elderly man who was looking after them died. The Gentleman took in a lot of stray cats and fed them, but they did not seem to have much human interaction or contact, so when they first came in they seemed to be semi-feral. Initially we were looking for a farm environment for them to live as outdoor cats but amazingly they seem to be getting more used to the staff and Pansy (black chin) will now let us stroke her and is quite affectionate. Puss is still quite timid but he is inquisitive and watches from a short distance when Pansy is having a fuss. They are now enjoying the home comforts of the centre and spend a lot of time inside the croft on the soft beds. Puss and Pansy will still need a special home, maybe somewhere rural so they can go out exploring but with a lot of love and patience we think these two will be very loving, affectionate cats. They have certainly come on leaps and bounds since they first came to the centre.

I may be able to live with another cat

I'd prefer an adult only household

I would prefer not to live with a dog

I'd prefer to be outside most of the time

I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle


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